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The Lodge will normally be available from 4pm on check in days - Fridays and Mondays. When you arrive at Poulton Farm Estate you will drive one mile from the farm entrance to the Lodge. Watch out for wildlife on the farm road and also other guests, children and animals, thanks.

Poulton Lodge on far left, Poulton Grange on far rightYou will reach the Lodge before any other farm buildings, on the left of the drive. Pull into the car parking area and we will meet you there. Alternatively drive on down to the large red brick farmhouse and announce your arrival! If you are way behind your schedule just ring to let us know so maybe we can turn a cup of tea into something more relaxing :-) 

If you want to order in groceries for your holiday, Waitrose and Sainsbury's deliver here so you can pre-order to save time shopping - just make sure you alter your delivery address! You are welcome to use our telephone number as the contact for them. 01672 516888

Poulton Lodge from sustainable wood sources